Getting the most power from your engine will require you to perfectly synchronize the entire air system. Synchronizing happens by installing parts that match the air flow needs of your engine. The more closely they match, the more power they will unlock.

Size matters

Bigger is not always better. Intake and exhaust parts come in a variety of sizes and manufacturing methods. These attributes are your indications of how well they will match your system’s air flow needs. It will be up to you to find out what products work the best on your system. The catch is, your system can continue to change as you upgrade other areas of your engine. Only the best tuners will master the engine building techniques and produce the most power.

synchronization diagram

Making the most power

Aside from how well a part will synchronize with your engine, some products will have higher power potentials. Picking products that match your systems air needs is still very important, but you will also have to shop around to make sure you have the product with the highest power potential, not just the right size.

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