Flow is the measurement of how much air your engine is pushing through at a time. The higher the flow rating, the more air is being used. The air system of a car must be looked at as a whole. Because of this, you must take every part into consideration when building your system. All the parts work together and can effect the power potential of each other.

Engine Air Needs

Different engines will have different air flow needs. It is important to build the air systems to match the engine’s air needs for optimal power output. Other products will effect the engine’s air needs, such as turbos, superchargers, and various engine internals. Be aware that increasing the engine's operating level by increasing its air flow also increases its stress levels.

air flow diagram

The right parts for the job

More power usually requires more air. Adding products that increase the engines air flow can increase the engines power potential but may not yield immediate power results. Why? The rest of the intake and exhaust system may not match the new air flow needs. This is why careful planing must take place to maximize power gains while building your system. The engines that make the most power will be the ones with the best synchronization.

air flow diagram two

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