Test Drive FAQ

What is Test Drive?
Test Drive feature allows users to test drive certain vehicles for 7 days.
Do I have to Test Drive a car?
No. You can just click “decline” if you do not want to test drive the car.
What can I do with a Test Drive car?
You can race, tune, and modify Test Drive cars except the following:
  1. Can’t run Pink slip races
  2. Can’t post on Used Car Lot (UCL) for sale
  3. Can’t sell car to the system
  4. Can’t sell any “Test Drive” stock parts to the system (that means any part that came with the car)
What can I do to a Test Drive car once the test drive time has expired?
You have the choice to either purchase the car or you can return the car back to the system. The car will remain locked in your garage until you make your decision. You won’t get any more Test Drive invitations until you return or purchase the test drive car.
How many garage spaces does the Test Drive car take?
None. Test Drive cars do not take any of your garage spaces unless you purchase the car.
How many Test Drive cars can I get?
You can only have ONE Test Drive car at a time. You will not receive another invitation if you already have a Test Drive car in your garage.
How do I know how much time is left on my Test Drive car?
You can check the expiration time in your garage. As a reminder, a notification pop up will show if you have less than an hour left.
How come my car is “locked” when there is still time left in my garage?
The time stamp that is displayed in your garage indicates the amount of time that is left on your test drive session when you signed into the game. If you sign out and sign back in, the timer will be refreshed.
How do I get invited to Test Drive a car?
Test Drive feature is based on earning street credits. That means anyone who earns street credit qualifies to get invited to Test Drive cars. Invitation messages will show when you enter any race tracks once you qualify for a Test Drive.
Are all cars in Nitto 1320 Legends going to be available for a Test Drive?
No. Only certain cars will be available for Test Drive. Trophy cars will not be available for Test Drive.
Do I get to choose which car I can Test Drive?
No. The system will choose a random Test Drive car you do not have in your garage and ask you if you would like to test out the car.
What happens to all of the parts I put on the Test Drive car?
You may purchase and install parts on your Test Drive car, but any part that’s on the car will be locked once the Test Drive session expires. You can unlock these parts if you purchase the car, but if you return the car to the system, all parts (including stock parts) that are on the car will be taken away. You can sell the spare parts back to the system before the Test Drive session expires. ANY GAME CASH OR POINTS SPENT ON MODIFYING A TEST DRIVE CAR WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.

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