Street credit is won and lost on the track. Racers spend hours and sometimes days preparing their car for battle. They know that every race counts. When you show up to the track, you better be ready.

Winning and losing street credit

Most of the street credit you receive from a win is taken away from the opponent you beat. Because of this, your street credit is always at stake. Regardless of how much money you decide to bet your reputation is always on the line. The amount of street credit at stake is based on a variety of factors such as your opponents level, number of people watching your race, your bet, and the amount of booing or cheering you get.

Matching up

The amount of street credit you stand to win or lose is based on the difference between your level and your opponent’s. If you face off against an opponent with a much higher street credit level, you are the underdog. Based on your street credit, your opponent should beat you. Because of this, you stand to win more than your opponent would. You can not afford to lose to lower level racers.

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