Crowd Effects

Beating beginners in private matches won’t help your standing in the rest of the racer community. Earning recognition on the streets only happens if someone sees you win.

Everyone is watching

The amount of people watching your race has a big effect on the amount of street credit you could stand to win or lose. If nobody is around to see you win then you don’t get much credit for it. On the other hand, if you manage to beat your opponent with the pressure of a huge crowd looking on, then you just just earned yourself a good chunk of street credit. Losing in front of everyone has a similar negative effect on your street credit. It’s best to not be the loser when everyone is watching.

Crowd Favorite?

Getting the crowd on your side is always a safe bet. Cheers in your favor can reduce the amount of street credit you stand to lose if you should fail. The extra cheering also generates some more street credit if you can pull off the win.

Where's the love?

If the people don’t think you belong on the track, they’ll let you know! Getting booed can not only get in your head it puts your street credit at risk! A hostile crowd will increase the amount of street credit you stand to lose. But there is hope. You can throw all that booing back in the crowd’s face and turn that potential street credit loss into your gain if you win. Prove yourself and take your rewards.

Raise the stakes

You can’t buy street credit, but the amount of money you put on a race will effect the amount of street credit you stand to win or lose. The more you wager the more street credit is at stake. There is a lot of pride that goes along with racing for pinks. You can be sure that losing your car in a race will ruin your street credit.

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