Race Track

This is where it all happens, posers get smoked and heros rise from the fumes. The track is where everyone meets to chat, see what the competition looks like, and show them what competition really is.

Navigating the Track Map

Race Track Diagram
  1. The Spectator Arena is where you can go during live tournaments and watch all the action while chatting with other players.
  2. The Practice Track is where you can test your car and hone your racing skills free of charge.
  3. These are the leaderboards which shows the top ranking racers by: Street Credit, Ballers, KOTH streaks, and Fastest Cars.
  4. These are the track types. Clicking on any of these except the tournament strip will open a menu of tracks that you can enter. Clicking the tournament strip will take you to the tournament menu.
  5. This is the list of tracks available in the track type you have selected. Clicking on one of these will take you to that track.

At the Track

At the Track Diagram
  1. The race queue. This is where racers line up to race. In a rivals room, your incoming and outgoing challanges can be managed from this area.
  2. Team members in the room. If two or more members of the same team enter a track they appear together along with their team avatar in this list. The teams list alphabetically.
  3. Individual racers in the room. All individual racers and team members that are alone in the room are listed here. This list is alphabetical.
  4. This is the chat window for the track . This is where the room conversation appears. Everyone in the room can chat in this window. It can be moved and sized.
  5. The display area is where the racing happens. avatars at the bottom show who is who and cheer meters at the top show who is getting cheered and booed. Winners and match ups are also announced in this area so it's important to pay attention.

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