Racing Since: 4/4/10

  • Street Credit: 6591
  • Lives In: Diamond Point
  • Team: R0AD RAGE
Jason k
9/28/13 7:49 AM
Guess i should say im back again,haven't been on since january my laptop broke and been busy starting a career
Jason k
1/10/13 11:41 AM
Guess whos back
5/24/12 8:51 AM
Did a 600k team deal and he was 1320 legit....... Stay legit buddy... Will do buisness again
4/09/12 7:13 PM
1320% Legit sent him my car added a part sent right back....then did a trade smooth goin. Thanks again.
4/09/12 12:56 PM
1.Your reading my comment 2.Now your thinking thats stupid of me to say 4.You're somewhat eager to continue reading 5 You didnt notice i skipped number 3 6.You're checking now 7.You're smiling 8.You continue reading 10.You know all you read is true
4/04/12 6:06 PM
This guy is great, sold and traded over 1million dollars to him ,in return, i got my dream car. This guy is 1320 legit for sure. Thanks mike. I am also mike
3/29/12 7:20 PM
1302%legit... won his RT contest and he gave me the wd-40 challenger
3/29/12 5:40 PM
Made a sweet deal...1320% legit..will do buisness again!
3/28/12 6:41 PM
bought bottles off him been lookin all day an he had them good guy had to haggle with him sumbut after that we did a good deal i got what i wanted he got what he wanted maybe not as much as he thought but he got it lol 1320 LEGIT LC
3/28/12 5:29 PM
sold me le bottles for zr1 and grfx for it for the "cheap" whanks bro and very legit also
3/27/12 7:31 PM
Sold him some nos gfx, he sent money and i sent car. Well deal with him again
Rt Blaster
3/25/12 8:17 PM
great guy deal went perfect very legit guy and nothing less thanks again
3/21/12 7:26 PM
[19:11] mikerides2020: ty [19:11] killamike408: u owe me [19:12] mikerides2020: i got u bro [19:12] killamike408: kk -REMEMBER lol :) good friend
Cpt Black Beard
3/20/12 1:20 PM
legit from cpt black beard
Dr Cox
3/18/12 7:43 PM
legit guy. sold him som ITR nos grfx and all went fast n smooth. couldnt ask for anything better. Highly recommended and super nice guy. Dr Cox
3/09/12 10:37 PM
Very legit Guy here!! did a good trade and all went great!! very trustworthy!!! And thanks again for trustin me !!!! 1320% cool
3/09/12 6:55 PM
very good guy rite here.i love this guy 1320% LEGIT
3/06/12 1:15 PM
very legit sent car for a l/e part and returned it with l/e part
3/04/12 5:43 PM
legit guy here 1320 legit great bufy keep legit bru
3/03/12 12:06 PM
1320 legit like a nice pair of tits omakakid402
2/25/12 9:42 PM
worked out a deal all went smooth would deal again
alex oitker tc 3
2/25/12 5:21 PM
did a trade went smoothly 1320 legit
2/25/12 5:01 PM
Thanks for helping me with the scammer Bs.. you are a good friend :D
2/25/12 3:32 PM
Bought volks and mike installed them on my car... Legit!
2/23/12 8:35 PM
sent this hommie my car so he can install graphics. got it back smoothly. honest guy, great friend. You can trust him 1320%.
Stayin Alive
2/23/12 8:00 PM
was missing hp on 1320 and i sent it to him and he fixed it for a fair price
slashing tires
2/23/12 6:39 PM
good guy sold him 4 cars with grfx and deal went smooth nice working with ya man ST
Stayin Alive
2/23/12 6:10 PM
he gave me free ratios for my 1320 challenger awsome guy
2/20/12 5:40 PM
Just Made a great deal with this dude again!!! 1320% Legit
2/20/12 2:52 PM
Great dude to make deal with!!! 1320% Legit
2/19/12 8:20 PM
Very legit Guy here!! did a good trade and all went great!! very trustworthy!!!
2/19/12 4:15 PM
Most legit player on this **** game.... Great doing buisiness with you..
speedy busa
2/17/12 10:59 PM
he a true friend i end him my car he tune it and send it back
2/06/12 5:07 PM
sold me a car for a good price thanks man 1320 legit
2/04/12 12:34 AM
a tru freind right here bought my car back off ucl after it a taken
1/29/12 6:39 PM
sold him a car for a good price thanks man 1320 legit
1/29/12 8:35 AM
Yo my dude always have fun with him as a brotha good to talk and deal keep up the good work bro!
alex oitker tc 3
1/22/12 3:10 PM
gave me free part
alex oitker tc 3
1/22/12 3:09 PM
this dude totally legit gave em free part will do buisness any day
1/20/12 12:09 PM
LEGIT DUUDE HERE... great price on le nos for svt ...sent the car and got it right back! great guy to deal with!
1/16/12 9:46 AM
legitest friend ever :} i gave him 35k in bets and then he trades a mazda m6 for my challenger hich i maxxed and o!! he' legit 1320% legit <3 imdjkilla
1/15/12 6:40 PM
when u get on ill send you id ill trade you the grey viper u raced me in
Jason k
1/13/12 7:25 AM
yo bro tried emailing you back but your maxxed on emails
1/12/12 7:25 PM
grest deals i trust him i bought 20k for gears ratio help give me thanks for your help
Paper Planes
1/11/12 8:42 PM
Happy birthday brooo!!!!! live it up
subaru owns evo
1/08/12 9:26 AM
LEGIT guy 100% trustable we do good buisness and i would trust him always thanks bro -Luke
1/02/12 3:00 PM
A AM AMA AMAZ AMAZI AMAZIN AMAZING AMAZING GUY 1320 legit fixed me up with a car
tomas el duro
12/15/11 2:12 PM
1320% legit make a big deal by team ty bro hare a frend you can trust

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