Racing Since: 11/5/11

  • Street Credit: 10617
  • Lives In: Diamond Point
  • Team: None
2/15/12 10:32 PM
Hey bro where you been let me know when you get on
Dark Side Racinq
1/23/12 7:10 PM
Congrats on 2nd my brother :) Very impressive i know you always had it in you :P -Cordell
1/20/12 4:09 PM
Congratulations Jack!!!! 2nd place like a boss <3 keep pwning and get those rims. -EvoVII
1/20/12 12:43 PM
Congratz on 2nd WD40
1/16/12 7:02 AM
Done big deal, sent him parts and then he sent me race with 1 sec dial in.. 1320% legit!! Regards, No1Menace
First Class
1/15/12 6:09 PM
He sent me black slr then trade for my 3 le nos gfx for another slr. Went real easy.
12/23/11 4:35 PM
Merry Christmas bro, sorry forgiveness but do not speak English friend. jajajajajajajajaajjaja de todas manera feliz navidad y prospero a?o nuevo te deseo a ti y a toda tu familia turbo....
12/23/11 3:29 AM
Merry Christmas bro, All the best and hope you and your family have a great time, and all the best for the new year.. Regards, No1Menace
12/21/11 10:34 PM
Will it almost X-Mas all i wish for you and your family is to be safe and have a good time together Happy X-Mas
Dark Side Racinq
12/19/11 5:01 PM
NU or Die!! xD i think you rather NU :P
12/18/11 5:05 PM
Dam Sick cop badge congratz
12/18/11 4:05 PM
YEAH BUDDY!!! Congrats on Cop badge man!!
12/05/11 12:47 PM
Why Yu mockin me wiff dem SiKK Azz SSR rims on da s2k yeeoo. Looking beast. ~Stay Pwnin. ~Mike_ ~NU~
12/04/11 6:05 PM
great win for a great guy......
Dark Side Racinq
11/25/11 2:02 PM
Congrats on 20k sc :) -Cordell

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