Racing Since: 10/17/09

  • Street Credit: 24016
  • Lives In: Diamond Point
  • Team: TeAm TaNaBe
Free Stylez
6/14/14 6:06 AM
Ill be back soon
CTR Blue Evo9
12/12/13 7:09 PM
CTR Blue Evo9
12/12/13 7:09 PM
<3 bebe
10/17/13 7:38 PM
you still owe me a mill.... I'll remember that next time you want something.
7/23/13 10:17 PM
You don't turn your back on your family even when they do Team Tanabe = The Only Real Family left in nitto
4/04/13 3:50 PM
Man I feel like money they attracted to me they come around like honey cuz im fly like a bee xD
4/01/13 1:30 AM
Hi :)
3/31/13 4:39 AM
Happy Easter 2013, Eat Lots of Chocolate!
Free Stylez
3/04/13 7:17 PM
that remark down that says #1 staff is an understatement for this guy :) pew pew Free Stylez SAID IT
3/02/13 6:07 PM
#1 Staff
2/24/13 12:12 PM
What lies beneath you are your enemies, that try to be like you. That's when you look down and you say youll never be me.There will never be a team like Team Tanabe. 1 luv fam. STREETSFINEST
Free Stylez
2/01/13 2:52 PM
The money comes and goes, we all know that. The thing that matters most in nitto are the people in this Team, right here, right now. Salut mi familia
N s X
1/26/13 2:45 PM
#1 Team Leader right here and a great guide
1/01/13 10:48 PM
There Have Been PRETENDERS And There Have Been Contenders But There Is Only ONE KING ~ Team Tanabe ~ Happy new year 2013 watch out !!!
El Beast15
12/31/12 10:36 AM
Happy New Year !! 2013 :)
Free Stylez
12/29/12 4:15 PM
Like i said man ur straight legit Ill help when u slip or help u not fall at all Team Tanabe on the come back baby
Free Stylez
12/27/12 11:25 PM
This my boy right here one of the most legit ppl i know man thanx for let me in team and to be ur freind
12/27/12 5:58 PM
aeome dude here thanx for having me on the team brotha...
12/20/12 5:35 PM
sup bro....glad to have a friend like you on this game <333
11/24/12 3:44 PM
Happy Thanksgiving
11/15/12 6:56 PM
After being on TeAm TaNaBe for only about two weeks, I can see that the leader puts alot of effort and time into his team, and I can honestly say that he's probably the best team leader I've ever had! Keep up the good work bro! -austin221
10/26/12 8:13 PM
Thank you for making our team avatars. I am greatfull for our team leader for taking time out and doing so. It means a lot and I speak in behalf of our team. -hthmoney- #toomuchpaper
10/18/12 5:48 PM
Best Team Leader Everr!!!!!! , And Grats On Guide Again :)
Luis Nunez
10/18/12 1:14 PM
Grats on guide again
Speed Fast
10/17/12 6:32 PM
Congrats On Guide Again ;)
10/13/12 5:14 AM
Scared Money Dont Make Noo Money! And If We Ever Go Broke We Gon Take Their Money! -R3actionz (Team Tanabe)
5/31/12 8:50 PM
great and awesome staff member keeps it clean always on top of situations finds answers and has a lot of knowladge. trustworthy #1 keep it up bro summer staff 2012. got my vote. ^_^ (pedalz for mod)
Sparco Racer
5/08/12 1:42 PM
[13:31] Pedalz: i dont kiss and tell [13:32] Sparco Racer: we never kissed so tell lol
4/17/12 10:37 AM
ANGELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
Acura Motors
4/15/12 5:17 PM
my nikka pedalz :)
King Robin
4/14/12 2:45 AM
Thanks man, Congrats on being so legit. Hahah
Michael Jordan
4/10/12 8:39 AM
"A good racer know how to race, A great racer know how to quit" *michael jordan*
4/09/12 12:36 PM
Good dude right here. He helped me out with a post on forum. Cant wait to see the out come. Thanks pimpin STREETSFINEST
3/30/12 11:21 PM
Yeah Buddy!!! Bringin' it Home!

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