Racing Since: 11/16/07

  • Street Credit: 3693
  • Lives In: Diamond Point
  • Team: None
2/25/12 2:19 PM
Hard to find a friend like Chris. Man of his word. Need I say more?
2/22/12 7:00 PM
[20:55] DavidBurk21: I bought a new stick of deoderant today and it said "remove cap and push up bottom" i can barley walk but when i fart the room smells lovely
Dark Side Racinq
1/12/12 5:20 PM
O.o Happy B-lated bro! :) thank you for everything bud! Your truely a great friend and i'm glad that i had the oppurnity to meet you. Stay safe bro -Cordell
1/09/12 6:08 PM
HAPPY BDAY o.0 :D nooblet
MADJ Alyssa
1/05/12 11:25 AM
12/12/11 6:56 PM
DavidBurk21: :o ^ WIINNER NoiseMaker: is Jesus pronounce, hey-suse? RAMONRULE: lmao RAMONRULE: yall noobs DavidBurk21: No its Jesus NoiseMaker: or gees-us DavidBurk21: ^ NoiseMaker: lol CRIMinsane: Gzus CRIMinsane: = CRIMinsane: Jesus NOOOBS LMAOOOO
11/12/11 3:34 PM
Best Dude on Nitto
Dark Side Racinq
11/11/11 3:53 PM
Congrats on the SLR!! ;)
10/30/11 2:21 PM
1320% legit thanks for the car will do trades again
Dark Side Racinq
10/23/11 9:58 AM
Chris <3 You will be truely missed :( See you then bro!! -Cordell
NooB ReMiX
10/13/11 11:12 PM
Sup :D
Dark Side Racinq
10/08/11 7:01 PM
Glad to have you back bro ;)
Dark side racing
12/24/09 4:06 PM
Merry Christmas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Cordell *Racing Concepts*
5/02/09 2:57 PM
Great guy here helped me out when i really needed it. Known him for a long time and he is a great friend and racer~! stay legit ~DaFinest~
12/14/08 10:53 PM
./ ..---_______----_] = = Legit ..../_==o;;;;;;__.:/ ....), ---.(_(__) / ...// (..) ), ----" ..//___// . .//___// i copied that from sumone elses remarks, lol
10/26/08 8:48 AM
ty noise, i will... mwah!!!!!!!!!
Angel Of Mercy
10/25/08 9:20 PM
TO is treating me good you should have joined my wifes team
10/09/08 3:20 PM
./ Dream Team

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