Hondata 2

Racing Since: 11/20/08

  • Street Credit: 6141
  • Lives In: Vista Heights
  • Team: bRkT sTaRs
3/29/12 10:15 PM
Hey Hondata, Im back after all this time. Ive gotten a job. Ill be on more.
brkt boi
3/04/12 9:26 PM
im bak
1/27/12 9:31 PM
MOST LEGIT on nitto. no doubt awesome racer and awesome guy all around 1320% keep it up man!
1/27/12 9:07 PM
This guy is the stuff right here, had an RT contest, I hit it, and he followed through. Totall legit racer right here!
1/24/12 10:14 PM
This guy right here is 1320% legit, Sold me his LE car for a great price even tho he didnt want to sell it. Thank you so much for all the help. You can trust this guy 24/7. Keep up the good work bro!
Good Lights
1/23/12 7:55 PM
Great guy right here, made me a WRX YOTD car and i made it to the very last round. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS CAR TUNE BRO
1/04/12 5:42 AM
happy new year stay legit man remember my bday is january 16!!!!!!
12/27/11 12:36 AM
great guy game me a car ty u alot :D
12/24/11 11:45 AM
mega nice guy he let me tet 2 car then said i can have it as a gift so nice :P :)
jdm boi 82
12/22/11 11:50 AM
merry christmas bro to you and your family its nice to have some good legit buds on this game keep it real bro brkt stars clin
12/20/11 1:55 PM
great guy sold him a consistant bk car for cheap after a good persuasion
12/20/11 1:53 PM
this guy right here is the best he gave me a evo x i had no brkt car he is a 1320% legit person he is a cool legit guy i love him no homo
12/06/11 3:50 PM
Great guy things went well Would deal with him numerous times over.
12/04/11 12:34 PM
Legit guy 1320!!
12/03/11 8:15 PM
Hell of a guy right here helped me get my skyline running gr8t and as of right now its doing really well thanks bro 100% LEGIT ILL PUT MY NAME ON IT
brkt boi
12/02/11 10:33 AM
thank you for buying my car i hope you well in joy her and waiting for the set up to set in very cool guy 1320 legit
1/16/09 7:24 AM
very nice deal man bro right here very good dude Jimmy101
1/11/09 9:24 AM
yo this guy is 1320% legit trust him thanks
1/09/09 10:15 PM
hey thanks Hondata this person gave me an awesome gift a 9 sec car thanks i really owe u big time
1/06/09 3:16 PM
best homie for life!1
1/04/09 9:55 PM
This is the best person ever very legit cool guy Thanks for helpin man Peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1/02/09 9:36 PM
hey this man is cool he is helping me out thanks man i owe u big time
1/01/09 10:19 PM
//) ,/ / / / //' '/ /'/ / / // ('( &;/' ') ' / '' _.
1/01/09 10:18 PM
AYeeee tight BadA$$ racer here legit as h3ll, thanks for helpin me out, dont miss wit my bro Hondata 2 here
12/28/08 11:49 PM
legit racer right here (nice type r )
12/26/08 6:31 PM
legit as ichiban man hes the man!!!!!!

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