Racing Since: 4/28/09

  • Street Credit: 3751
  • Lives In: Vista Heights
  • Team: Empty Pockets Racing
88 GT
8/22/12 3:02 PM
[16:47] 88 GT: wana hear a joke? [16:48] Flyinby: idc [16:48] 88 GT: puzzy [16:49] 88 GT: u get it ? [16:49] Flyinby: lol your an idiot
8/21/12 2:20 PM
great dude right here askd me for parts he sent car got what he wanted every thing went smooth 1320 always deal with this man right here
5/06/12 11:51 AM
This guy.... saved my life! sold/traded a car when i was in a hurry and got it to me asap LEGITT -JJ
2/28/12 9:02 AM
very legit.. needed a car and was low on cash so got him one... and payed back in full in no time
h2h toreno gsr
2/15/12 8:10 PM
sold me a c6 plus LE supra volks for a good deal. ty mem.
2/15/12 7:54 PM
Great guy no prob doin a deal with him. 1320% honest and legit!
88 GT
1/26/12 11:03 AM
happy b-day good sir and remember the weekend starts 2mmorw ;D dont do nothing i wouldnt do be safe and have fun bro
tow mater towing
1/23/12 12:44 PM
so i hear its ur b day in 3 days so u have 1 of 2 options as a gift a message from confuscious or door number 2 u decide
12/25/11 7:00 PM
Merry Christmas and have a safe New Year!!!
12/25/11 2:57 PM
Merry Christmas bud
killer be
12/25/11 1:01 PM
merry christmas bro and have a happy an safe new year
12/25/11 6:51 AM
Merry Christmas to you too son. Hope santa is good to you today :-)
12/25/11 6:45 AM
Merry Christmas Fawker
Bracket Br1de
12/23/11 6:14 PM
Have a Merry X'mas & Happy New Year You F'inn TallyWhacker (:
the pusher man
12/21/11 4:36 PM
i traded some parts,for parts with him and was legit 100%,will work with him again :D ,good racer
Bracket Br1de
12/16/11 2:35 PM
Flipping TallyWhacker! You knoo how you said you're famous on nitto? I found out why... & you knoo, you really shouldn't send revealing pix of yourself like that.....
the death wolf
12/02/11 1:55 PM
this is one of the best guys i know he handed me 10k to help me out after i got zcammed out of 4 max carz think to lot bro i owe u big
the death wolf
12/02/11 11:13 AM
think a lot for the rimz bro thiz iz dude iz liget to the max
12/01/11 3:41 PM
Once again a flewless business deal. Completely trustworthy. Great tuner. Thanks again Bro!!!
11/30/11 2:52 PM
did bussiness with this uy right here very legit didnt keep my car
11/24/11 6:26 PM
Sent him my car for wheels put them on and sent back truly trust this guy
11/21/11 12:50 PM
Brought a set of le rims for stang.. sent car.. he sent right back with rims.. legit guy.. thanks
11/16/11 7:52 PM
congrats on the gold,,,,,, bout time noob :P
11/16/11 4:53 PM
Congratulations on 1st place!
11/16/11 4:42 PM
Congrats on the 1st place Trophy Great job GO EPRRRRRRR
10/18/11 5:28 PM
You are geat . Nice guy 2 for 1 trade enjoy the camero bro
10/17/11 6:44 PM
great guy here, helped me out majorly
10/01/11 11:05 AM
1320% LEGIT!!!!! Traded 2 cars for his i had stock svt and TA for a GTO would do buissiness again np
9/30/11 1:32 PM
one legit guy trade my gto for his s10 no problems at all
1/21/11 1:34 PM
Great guy excellent tuner will do business again very legit guy here!!!!! Thanks for straighting out my ride!!
tow mater towing
1/13/11 4:47 PM
awesome guy to deal with 1320 legit on payments easy as a devils hockeystick to work with too

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