Racing Since: 3/31/10

  • Street Credit: 3007
  • Lives In: Vista Heights
  • Team: None
3/01/12 12:27 AM
[18:56] CRIMinsane: Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are a nice person, is like expecting the bull not to gore you because you're a vegetarian
A Foam Pillow
2/22/12 7:57 PM
thanx for the turbo great deal thnx ill buy from you :D
MADJ Alyssa
2/21/12 6:46 PM
CRIMinsane: NO YAKs they slobber WAY TOO MUCH CRIMinsane: pandas only.
h2h toreno gsr
1/23/12 12:40 AM
mike <3's you for what you did :D thanks again bro
1/20/12 11:44 AM
Got scammed for a le g35, so Mark bought it back for me. 100% legit, huge help. THANK YOU!!!! -IcU
1/12/12 8:23 PM
21E: What happens when you complete legend sc... CRIMinsane: 21E you get a Nitto Teddy Bear I can't wait for my Nitto Teddy!!!!
One Crazy Racer
1/07/12 1:29 AM
very nice guy asked him for a little/HUGE favor and helped me out with it!!! thx so much 1320% cool
12/24/11 4:22 AM
[22:49] icecold4: it was here somewhere [22:49] icecold4: just hiding from me like pandas do with u [22:50] CRIMinsane: lmao [22:50] CRIMinsane: peppered panda jerky [22:50] CRIMinsane: ^_^ [22:51] icecold4: lol the pandas r not safe with CRIM around
12/20/11 10:21 AM
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years! Take good care and be safe! Bust out the Tequilla and shot glasses! - Billy
12/19/11 6:39 AM
this guy rite here is legit i let him borrow my cop car for a tourny and he returned rite after , LEGIT!!!!! TEAM ONE RUN WITH IT OR RUN FROM IT
12/12/11 6:56 PM
DavidBurk21: :o ^ WIINNER NoiseMaker: is Jesus pronounce, hey-suse? RAMONRULE: lmao RAMONRULE: yall noobs DavidBurk21: No its Jesus NoiseMaker: or gees-us DavidBurk21: ^ NoiseMaker: lol CRIMinsane: Gzus CRIMinsane: = CRIMinsane: Jesus NOOBS LMAOOOOO
12/04/11 10:58 PM
Great guy. I needed some points parts and he offerend to do it for me. Thanks so much. TEAM ONE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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