Import vs. Domestic II Winner: JesusKing

  • April 03, 2012
  • Jhazmin
  • Car: Import vs. Domestic II FR-S
  • Wins: 2753
  • Racing Since: 04/26/2010
  • Fastest ET: 5.853

Journalist Mitsubishi took some time to catch up with the winner of the exciting Import versus Domestic II Tournament: JesusKing!



Hello Racers,

First off, I would like to thank all the racers who competed in this years Import vs. Domestic II tournament. There was plenty of competition to go around and the majority of people seemed to have fun trying to compete for the top prize.

There as been plenty of controversy over this years Import vs. Domestic II tournament and the way some people made it to the top. Whether it was done fairly or not is a completely different issue in itself that will be discussed at a later time.

It is a well-known fact that this year definitely belonged to the Imports. At 54,428 points, the Import team took the win with 9,238 points to spare at the last hours of the tournament.

The last hours of the tournament were definitely some intense ones. With only about 500 points setting the top three racers apart, they were all going at it on the tracks. Some say there was foul play involved, some say that there wasn't. But who really knows? A big congratulations goes out to the two runner ups, Kaamakazii and EvoVII.

As for the winner, we have JesusKing. I was personally mad at the fact that a Domestic racer took the win. Shame on all of you Import racers! Other than that, congratulations to JesusKing for taking the win and being the brand new owner of the Import vs. Domestic II FR-S Concept Trophy Car!

Here's a quick overview of the basis statistics for the tournament itself.

Tournament Winner:


Top 10 Overall:

  1. JesusKing
  2. Kaamakazii
  3. EvoVII
  4. superpro4167
  5. causa
  7. bestone
  9. eminencia
  10. Turtman3

Top 10 Import Racers:

  1. Kaamakazii
  2. EvoVII
  3. superpro4167
  4. causa
  6. bestone
  7. RickBurna
  8. lean1695
  9. Dtwice35
  10. 99tan

Total Domestic Points:


Total Import Points:


Enough of my bantering now. Let's move on to the spotlight with JesusKing.

Mitsubishi: Hello JesusKing, how are you on this wonderful Tuesday afternoon?

JesusKing: I'm very excited.

Why is that?

JesusKing: Because I won the Import vs. Domestic II tournament and i got a beautiful trophy car.

Mitsubishi: True are you enjoying the car so far?

JesusKing: I'm enjoying it a lot. I haven't stopped racing it since I got it.

Mitsubishi: What does it run on average?

JesusKing: 5.85-5.87.

Mitsubishi: Not bad, although I'd expect a trophy car to be a litter faster. Don't you agree?

JesusKing: Yeah I agree. They should run faster than all the cars on the game.

Mitsubishi: Good. Alrighty, let's step away from the car for a little bit. We'll get back to it. Let's move a couple days back in time here really quick. What were your first thoughts when you heard about the upcoming Import vs. Domestic II tournament?

JesusKing: I thought, "This is gonna be great. I have to try my best."

Mitsubishi: Did you think you'd be winning the tournament?

JesusKing: No, I thought I was going to be in the Top 10, but never win it.

Mitsubishi: I see. About how many hours do you think you put into the tournament?

JesusKing: I think I put in like 16-18 hours daily.

Mitsubishi: I see...Now...many people have accused you of boosting a lot of your wins and playing unfairly in the rooms. How do you feel about that?

JesusKing: I feel awesome...that makes me feel important because with success comes a lot of haters.

Mitsubishi: Hmmmm...interesting. You weren't in the lead throughout the tournament. How did you manage to catch up so fast and pull into 1st place?

JesusKing: I was leading since Wednesday. It took me four days to be #1.

Mitsubishi: I see. Was there anyone in particular that you raced a lot? Or partnered up with frequently?

JesusKing: Kaamakazii, PIayer, PwnMeOrBePwned and some others.

Mitsubishi: I see. Some top racers that I noticed were Kaamakazii and Dtwice35. You are all on The 13 Devils. You raced for Domestics and they raced for Imports. What was that like?

JesusKing: Its was normal. There wasn't really any tension. And Kaamakazii wasn't on the team during the tournament.

Ahhh...but he's always been a good friend of yours correct?

JesusKing: Yeah, that's correct.

Mitsubishi: I see. Now, everyone knows that you are jesus95. Is there a reason you didn't race on that account?

JesusKing: I didn't race on my main because I didn't know that I was going to win and I'd race here because of lag issues.

Mitsubishi: Makes sense in a way. Let's get back to the car really quick. I'm curious, has anyone made any offers on the car?

JesusKing: Yeah, but I told them that I don't think I'm going to sell the car. I want to enjoy it. I love the car.

Mitsubishi: I see. Do you plan on competing in next years Import vs Domestic tournament if there is one?

JesusKing: Of course. If there's another Import vs. Domestic tournament, I'm in.

Mitsubishi: Oh...well good luck. Final question. Is there any reason you picked Domestic over Import?

JesusKing: Yeah, the reason that I picked Domestic is because I love
American cars and I wanted to defend that side.

Mitsubishi: Well that's good. That pretty much wraps it all up. Any shout outs?

JesusKing: Well, I wanted to thank all my friends that supported me on the tournament. eXxPLoSiOn, gazu, jorgeeeee, MACHALA, DiNsE1, causa, HOLLANDF.

Mitsubishi: Alrighty then. Congratulations on your win! I wish you the best of luck in all the future tournaments that you participate in.

JesusKing: Thanks and I also wanted to congratulate everyone in the Top 10.

Mitsubishi: Thanks for your time. I appreciate it!

JesusKing: Thanks for the interview bro. Keep it up.

Again, a big congratulations to the tournament winner, JesusKing. May you have fun with your brand-new toy and have good luck in all the future tournaments within Nitto 1320 Legends!


Congratulations to JesusKing for his big win
and thanks to Mitsubishi for his hard work as journalist!

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