Part Shops

Picking a Part

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The parts shop is where all performance parts and aesthetic parts are purchased. Each neighborhood has its own parts shop, and unique parts.

Parts are an essential part of vehicle performance during races. Players can fine tune their cars with combinations of the right parts. By swapping parts in and out in a certain way, players will find they gain a competitive edge. See tuning for more information.

To buy parts, select the car for which parts will be bought. Then, simply go to the map, and click into the shop in your neighborhood. You may purchase parts from shops in neighborhoods below yours, but you may not shop up. You may window shop in other parts shops.

Not all parts are available for all vehicles. Parts categories that are available for the selected vehicle are highlighted in the Parts Categories menu. Select an active category, then a specific part category, and finally the part.

That part will appear on-screen with pertinent performance or physical attributes. Purchase your part with cash or points.

If there is no conflict with existing parts on your vehicle, the part will automatically be installed.

Parts Shop

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