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Default does this sound right

i got a sleeper gsr with b18c5
all city setup
it read 580hp with 35psi boost.
could it does low hi 8 low 9 or just low 9 coz in p.t i t make it 8.8
but on strips 9flat.
if got ratios plz help me out.
thanks a million....
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Lightbulb ^^^^reply^^^^

first off, you're integra isent full hp so that would be part of the problem ,second do you have slicks on it ? and try changing you're first and final gears alil tweak them for you're computer that may change you're e/t alil bit
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Wink Reply

What you need is 1320 Drag Slicks it will help for a better take off once you get them maybe you can run faster or try changing your ratio setup.But anyways what are you making your car a brkt or h2h.That is the main ???? look for a good setup for both find the best that fits you if you need anymore help NIM PublicRacer ill help you out.
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p.t is lagg free if u wanna run that in strip get rid of lagg
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