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Default Mustang gear ratios

I need help with the gear ratios for my 10 mustang. It has a lot of power but the gears are ridiculous. It has stock gears right now and shifting is near impossible. It can be a 6 sec. car if I can get the gears right.
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Originally Posted by the fast101 View Post
2010 Mustang GT



Creek Side
Diamond Point
Discontinued Parts

OEM Headlights
OEM Motor Mounts
OEM Anti-sway bars
OEM Tail Lights

Sparco S Light CF Seat
B-RAD Customs Venom Front Bumper
B-RAD Customs Venom Hood
B-RAD Customs Venom Rear Bumper
B-RAD Customs Venom Side Skirts
B-RAD Customs Venom CF Trunk

Nitto NT05
L2 Pro Coilovers
AdvantiRacing 61MB 20"
BigBoss Pro Race Valves
Monarch Drag Cam Gears
BigBoss Pro Race Valves
Taxidy Max Crankshaft
Suprec GT-5 Block
Autorock Stage 5 Camshaft
BigBoss Full Race Muffler
Autorock Sport Valve Springs
Formuline 300 Shot Nitrous Jets
Autorock Elite Series Supercharger 42 psi
Autorock 1.5mm Head Gasket
Brosec Lightweight Exhaust Manifold
Downside Racing Evolution Pulley Set
Autorock Full Race Clutch
BigBoss Stage 2 Head
Gugem Competition Oil Cooler Kit
BigBoss Trueflow Air Filter
Autorock Full Race Clutch
BigBoss Stage 2 Head
BigBoss Pro Racer Piping
BigBoss Pro Series Fuel Pressure Regulator
BigBoss Race Series Fuel Pump
Kosen ProFlow Cat. 100mm
Hellion Power Systems Blow Off Valve
Hellion Power Systems 52 lb Injectors
Motiv Ultra-Light Flywheel
Tespo FR-50
Autorock Full Flo Oil Pump
Brosec Billet Large Flow Throttle Body
Dilat TV8 Performance Rods
Gugem Competition Oil Cooler Kit
X Motorsports Traction Control
MNK Racing Ignite-Max Iridium Plugs
Autorock Stage 2 Axles
FireShield Racing Thermo Wrap
TRM Carbon Fiber Battery
Formuline Single 25lb Carbon Fiber Bottle
Dynasty Supreme Flo XR 3"
Autorock Blue Label Cables
Formuline Air/Fuel Controller
DaBest 10:1 Compression Pistons
Tronsit Chill Fuel Cooler
Mishimoto Performance Aluminum Radiator
Mishimoto Performance Low Temperature Thermostat
Royal Purple Oil Filter
Mishimoto Liquid Chill Coolant Additive
Royal Purple Synthetic Lubricant Package

5.0L Ti-VCT (Engine)

This setup has 1852 hp
Driving instruction

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