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Arrow Got Hacked? Never Downloaded a Thing? Never Gave Out Info?

Then most likely you were hacked via Facebook.
But how is that possible?

The way hackers use facebook to hack users goes like this, They go to the official Nitto page on Facebook. They add as much people as they can.

Then, once strangers have been accepted to be friends with the user, They check the users Contact info, Most people on facebook have there personal emails there. Well also most Nitto users use the same email they have attached to Nitto to the contact info section on facebook.

"Hackers" then proceed to "hack" the email by going to the page of where the email was created and then click on the Forgot Password page and attempt to recover the email by answering the questions that are needed.
No they won't guess the answers...They would check your facebook profile for that. Dang they will even ask you via facebook about personal stuff that will eventually can get those Email questions answered.

In other words. If you're gonna use facebook. Hide your Contact info or simply DO NOT use the same email you have your account attached to in Nitto.

How to never get "hacked"
1- Do not visit any unknown Websites.
2- Do not visit any Nitto related websites. Remember Nittolegends.com is the only OFFICIAL Page.
3- Never use the same password in "Team" websites as your ingame account.
4- Clean your pc weekly. (Will create a How to keep a clean pc soon).
5- Do not share your account
6- Do not add strangers to Nim.
7- Do not download anything given by any Nitto user.
8- Do not visit any Nitto cheat websites.
9- Do not download any cheats.
10- Do not share personal information (People use this to recover emails and then get your Nitto account).

Follow that up and you will never get hacked.
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TLDR?"Hackers" Have been using the facebook "hack" technique lately.
Do not share personal Info there! Hide your Emails! Don't use the same email you have attached to your account if you're using facebok.
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