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Talking Scion tC h2h and brkt setup

I have a setup on my tC that runs both brkt AND h2h. It gets no engine damage, and runs 13.3 on NOS and 14.2 off bottle. I use the bottle for h2h and no bottle d/i for brkt is 14.2. This car is so accurate i can win sport tourneys w/ .6 sec r/t's. It usually runs between a 14.2 and a 14.3 consistently.

So here's the setup:
OEM Front Bumper
OEM Side Skirt
OEM Rear Bumper
OEM OE Tires
OEM Hood
OEM Taillights
OEM Anti-sway bars
OEM Spring & Shock Absorber Set
OEM Front Seat Set
OEM Engine Mounts
OEM Race Harness
OEM Control Arms
OEM Headlights
OEM Torsion Bar
OEM Trunk and Rear Panel
O.E. Performance Optional 15" 5-spoke Alloy Wheels
OEM Axle Set
OEM Battery
OEM Cam Gear Set
OEM Catalytic Converter
OEM Clutch Kit
OEM Connecting Rod Set
OEM Engine Block
OEM Flywheel
OEM Fuel Pressure Regulator
OEM Fuel Pump
OEM Fuel Rail
OEM Head Gasket
OEM Cylinder Head
OEM Fuel Injectors
OEM Oil pump
OEM Spark Plug Set
OEM Spark Plug Cables
FastFlow 3" Steel Piping - Toreno
Blowfish H30 Massive Intercooler - Toreno
Kosen Stage 1 Camshafts - Toreno
TRM RS High-Flow Filter - Toreno
L2 Short Ram Intake 3.25" - Toreno
Blowfish E45 Turbo Exhaust Manifold - Newburge
J-Tech D60 Down Pipe - Toreno
Enjin High Compression Pistons +1.7:1 - Newburge
Kosen Supreme Exhaust Muffler 80mm - Toreno
Kosen Supreme Piping Kit 90mm - Toreno
X Motorsports Traction Control - Newburge
DaBest XR Boost Controller - Newburge
Suprec XR Crankshaft - Newburge
Gasman 50 Shot Fogger - Newburge
Blowfish G series 10 PSI Turbo G40-10 - Newburge
Formuline 2 Bottle Kit 40lb Carbon Fiber Bottles - Diamond Point
Alpha Alpha-1 ECU Chip - Toreno
Enjin VX10 Throttle Body - Newburge
Enjin GXR Valves - Newburge
Enjin High RPM spring set - Newburge
Tokiya Intake Manifold MA-1 - Newburge
2AZ-FE (Engine)

1st: 3.538
2nd: 2.045
3rd: 1.333
4th: 0.972
5th: 0.775
Final: 4.235

Running on stock tires and Standard rims.

How to race this setup:
Leave clutch
Stage back
Rev at 2100
Shift at redline (6500)

These parts are all from newburge and toreno (except the nos bottle, which is kinda unneccesary, 10lb bottle works just fine)

I also made it to the 2nd to last round of the pro tourney, running .53 r/t's, so... that's how good the brkt setup is..

If you find any parts to make this better, feel free to post them, but tell ppl if they cause engine damage or make the car more h2h or more brkt.

Thanks and hope this helps!

Here are some screenshots:

Last edited by Wardog692 : 02-26-2010 at 12:10 PM. Reason: Edited pics, where parts are bought, and how to race
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Old 02-25-2010, 03:37 PM   #2
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color code.. + screenshots kthxbiye
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Old 02-25-2010, 04:18 PM   #3
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Unhappy screenshots

sry but idk how to take screenshots, if you tell me how to take them and then upload them i will.
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Old 02-25-2010, 04:27 PM   #4
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there you go
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Old 02-26-2010, 12:11 PM   #5
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alright alright i finally added pics, how to race, and where parts are bought.. now are you happy?
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Old 07-07-2010, 07:56 AM   #6
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no ed

just need to get use to the whole rev bit, but other than that thanx bro
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I can't find J-Tech D60 Down Pipe, all I could find was a J-Tech D40 Down Pipe for $124.
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