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07-08-2009 until 08-08-2015
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This is an important reminder: NEVER enter your password on ANY site or program other than Nitto 1320 Legends itself, or share your password with anyone.

Recently, there have been a number of "hack" and "cheat" sites that claim to work with Nitto 1320 Legends and other games. These sites and offers are nothing more than scams, attempting to get you, the Nitto 1320 Legends player, to hand over your ID and password to the scammer. Once that happens, you could lose everything in your account.

It is easy to make claims of hacking, but much harder to actually do it. Anyone claiming to have gained access to Nitto 1320 Legends' servers is actually claiming to have committed a federal offense: unauthorized access of a company's servers is punishable by law, and would result in time in federal prison. Any threats of such behavior will be taken seriously and handled as such.

We at Nitto 1320 Legends will do everything in our power to prevent cheating in the game, and to punish anyone responsible for cheating or scamming. This behavior hurts the honest players most, and that is who we are committed to protecting.

However, we can not control the entire Internet - it is your responsibility to be cautious about what you click on and where you enter your password. If you EVER are unsure about something like this, please contact support@nittolegends.com and let us know.

Thank you,
The Nitto 1320 Legends Team
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