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07-14-2009 until 01-01-2015
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Nitto 1320 Legends Official Forum Rules and Guidelines ***IMPORTANT***

(Note: any questions regarding forum rules or your account should be emailed to support@nittolegends.com)

Beginning July 14, 2009 the guidelines mentioned below will take effect. To ensure that conversations stay on topic and appropriate for the forums, we ask that you please read over the following rules carefully before posting.

Be advised that violation of any forum rule will result in 1 infraction per offense. Infractions may only be given out by a Moderator or Admin. Infractions will be set as follows:

1st infraction - Warning
2nd infraction - 72 hours suspension from forums
3rd infraction - 1 week suspension from forums
4th infraction - Permanent forum ban

The rules in this document really boil down to one thing: common sense. The forums are a community, and like every community there are a few things that everyone needs to do in order to have a good time. The most important things are:
• Have fun!
• Be sensible! (Don't give people information they shouldn't have)
• Keep it clean!
• Be polite!
If you keep these things in mind, we're sure you'll have a great time. But if you need to know more, read on!

1. No private information for public eye
All communication between our customers will remain confidential and private at all times. The security of your personal and account information is very important to us, so we will make sure that any conversation or action will never be displayed on the forums. If your account has been disabled for whatever reason, you will need to contact an Admin directly and have them investigate the issue. Email is the preferred method of communication – that way there is a written record of any conversation. Please do not start a thread and ask a Moderator or Admin to unban your or another’s account. Account actions are not topics for public debate.

2. Cleanliness is next to godliness.
Respect each and every player, Moderator, and Admin in the community. Not everyone will agree with each other and that is expected. However, everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion and has the right to express it in the community. We will not tolerate use of any language that is considered:
a. Violent and/or abusive
b. Inappropriate
c. Obscene/Vulgar
d. Racial
e. Sexual
f. Bashing religion/ethics
g. Illegal drugs
h. Real-life threats.
i. Defaming an Admin or Moderator

Furthermore, personal attacks against anyone in the community, vulgarity and other forms of abuse will not be tolerated. This rule applies to foreign language posts as well.

3. Absolutely no spamming, trolling, or flaming. Period.
We could not be more serious about this one. It contains no constructive feedback, nobody likes it, and it makes you look immature. Spamming is also considered creating multiple threads that contain one word or posting messages with only one word within a short period of time. Posting giant ASCII art of your favorite 80s cartoon character is prohibited as well. Again, take it somewhere else.

4. Absolutely no ban recommendation threads.
“This player said/did this, that player said/did that…please ban them now!”

Nope, not going to happen. If a player was found in violation of our policies in any way, we will deal directly with that person on a case-by-case basis and take appropriate action. If he/she cheated you using a third-party software, our system will indentify and action that player. Please do not ask us to ban player X because of Y reason. It turns into a popularity contest within the community, which is the last thing we want to promote.
This rule applies to everyone, including Moderators.

5. Post your question in the right place.
For example, questions related to new and old bugs should be posted in the Game Bug Submissions forum, not in the Custom Graphics forum. This means questions about your English homework or who you think the next American Idol will be should be posted in the Off-Topic (Racers Lounge) forum, not in Ask a Moderator, etc.

6. No questions on locked or deleted threads.
If your thread was locked or deleted, there is usually a good reason why we did it. With that said, there will be no posting on why a thread was locked or deleted. It is not necessary to start an entirely new thread asking the question. Most likely that will be deleted or locked also, so please respect our decision. If your thread is closed, please do not harass Admins or Moderators about it.

7. No Admin or Moderator impersonation.
The title says it all. There will be absolutely no impersonation of a Moderator or Admin at any time for any reason. Often it taints the Moderator or Admin’s reputation within the community. We do not want players to believe they are given the correct advice by someone who provides false information. If you are unable to help someone at a Moderator or Admin level, then don’t. Let those who have the knowledge and responsibility to help be the ones to assist that person with his/her problem(s).

8. Absolutely no business proposal or advertisement threads.
We prohibit the selling or trading of your account(s) at all times. Therefore, we do not want to see such advertisements in the community. We will not be responsible for your decision to enter a third-party website by clicking on a link posted by another player, especially a suspicious link that contains a potential key-logger. Try to use good judgment when entering third-party sites. If it has nothing to do with the game or community, try to either post in the appropriate forum, or don’t post it at all. It will be YOUR responsibility to protect your account and information from predators. As for business proposal, there is a time and place for it and this is absolutely not the right place or time, so let’s just leave it out.

9. No posting of exploits, hacks, or illegal downloading.
Hacking and exploitation of the game is strictly prohibited. Though we continuously work to battle the use of exploitative and hacking software, it’s not possible to completely eliminate the use third-party cheat programs in the game. We ask that you do not post links to such sites, or provide links to download pirated software, music, and/or movies. Players found using such software to gain an unfair advantage over others will have their account terminate with no exceptions.

10. Remember to…
There’s a reason why each rule is numbered and underlined in bold, red text. Try to use common sense and research before making a post. Gather your thoughts, ideas or suggestions carefully first before making a post. Be descriptive and concise as possible. By doing this, community members will more likely comment and provide constructive feedback on your thread, giving you a fair answer for your question, instead of participating in the flame-throwing contest you’ve just started. Finally, make sure you do a search on topics that may have already been discussed in the past before posting. Most likely someone was also thinking the same thing as you!

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding of the forum rules and guideline. Please try to follow them as best you can. We don’t expect you to memorize them word for word. It might scare us a bit, but we wouldn’t complain. Happy posting!

Nitto 1320 Legends Team
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